We believe the human mind and its creativity is the central nucleus around which a new world can be formed. We think, therefore we become. This creative freedom is an essential component in initialising this process.

That’s why we are creating a new world, establishing a free cultural space on Boomland. A space where the human mind can expand into its full potential. A place for music, study and training, as well as a safe,creative environment for a diversity of artistic projects and wellness practises.

A physical place that inspires a real global shift in consciousness.

We use culture as a vehicle to awaken consciousness and mutual understanding, where the people can define their own path in a participative way.

Boomland is a place that promotes respect without discrimination or prejudice for life in all its diverse forms; human, animal and plant.

After all, without this respect for Nature we are nothing. But combined together in harmony we become one.

This is why regeneration and restoration of the land and its biodiversity are as central to our vision as independent creativity. We are creating a natural reserve, one that can be experienced with our Whole – body, mind, and soul.

This project offers a unique testing ground to develop our deeply held belief that society needs to live in harmony with both itself and its surroundings.

A vision based upon the positive values of social harmony: stimulating care and peace and rejecting elitism and mediocrity.

After many years of consciously living within this vision through the growth of Boom Festival and the Being Gathering, we feel the time has really come to unite our philosophy and vision and take it to the next level.

We are creating an inspiring world that radiates out in all directions, positive examples from the heart of Boomland, a source of inspiration and education for everyone, a living proof that Oneness is possible for us all.

That’s why we want to create this new world together with you.